Agencja Usług Turystycznych i Przewodniczych

ul. Zacisze 12/4b, 31-156 Kraków

tel. /fax. 12 421 89 79, 112 430 04 37

We encourage you kindly to make use of our offer which includes:

I. Touristic SERVICES:

Guiding services:

Services offered in Polish language and foreign languages

We offer you services of licensed :

  • giudes   in Kraków  
  • guides in Kraków region
  • mountain      trekking guides
  • couriers
  • interpreters      and supervisers

Touristic services organising:

Comprehensive arranging of stay in Kraków and its area:

  • overnight      stays
  • nourishment
  • transport
  • entrance      tickets
  • sightseeing programmes during stay in      Kraków
  • cultural      events


Services provided during congresses, business trips and company meetings:

  • preparing and executing accompanying      programmes
  • services provided by guides, couriers,      hostesses and others
  • banquets      and feasts
  • accompanying      events

Special events:

  • individual touristic programmes
  • sport and movement events arranging
  • searching for roots (ancestors’ records))



  • courses for the candidates for the job of guide in Kraków
  • specialist trainings for guides
  • educational classes