Aviaton Cultural Park

The Aviaton Cultural Park in Kraków lies in the neighbourhoods of Rakowice and Czyżyny, encompassing the oldest airstrip in Poland, and one of the oldestin Europe. Opened in 1912 for the budding Austro-Hungarian aviation industry, it was later expanded several times when used by the Germans, Russians and Poles. In 1963 the airport formally ceased to operate.

In 1992 the idea of creating the Aviation Culture Park was put forward,resulting in the construction of one of the most modern purpose-built museums in Poland. Walking around the old airport,you can see 200 aircraft (gliders, airplanes and helicopters) some of them dating from the years of the First and Second World War. The most eye-catching section of the park is the striking high-tech Main Building, its shape resembling from above a spinning propeller.

Website in english Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow - www.muzeumlotnictwa.pl.