Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences

The first sensory park in Poland, Krakow's Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences was oponed in 2007 in the Polish Airman Park sin the district of Nowa Huta . The educational outdoor exhibition is made up of devices, structures and models for studying the laws of physics and the natural world such as forces and their interactions (swings, elements showing the effects of gravity), water effects (turbines), maintaining balance (trampoline, balance beams, rotating discs), vibration and sound, and phenomena related to the senses (hearing, smell, touch).

The sixty-plus exhibits include a rotating crater, acoustic telegraph, spiral wheel, Nevton's cradle, telescope, floating terrace, giant kaleidoscope, two mirrors showing the effect of infinity, hydraulic scales, gongs, tubular bells, diffraction grating, acoustic mirrors, model of the solar system model of the atom, magic reel.
The interactive installations require activite on the part of the visitor - only then can you feel and understand the laws of physic or natural phenomena.

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